Hiii Hii!

Welcome to Cositas Contreras! Where everything is handmade and poured by me, Sandra! 

I started my small business in back in January of 2021 as "Creations By Sandra". I would like to say it was a late quarter life crisis where I felt that I had no actual "creative" skills & spent my days doing the average. As a mom of two, I felt like I needed some sort of outlet and "talent" but couldn't figure out what it would be for myself. 

I spent weeks watching different crafts on youtube to see which I felt I was capable of doing & which I would enjoy. After a few more weeks of watching "how-to" resin videos, I finally decided it was time to try it out.

With that came so many learning curves, trial and errors and marked floors and clothing. Even almost THREE years of doing this, I still make mistakes, all the time.

Over the past years (last year especially) Cositas Contreras has been presented with so many amazing opportunities. There has been so much growth in myself as a person, my business & so many exciting things coming up. I could not be more grateful to the people who have supported me up until this point & continue to support me!

My life went from full time employee and mom with a semi-open schedule to being a FULL TIME business owner and constantly being booked and always busy managing. With the beauty of finally working for myself full time, comes a lot of sacrifices too!

As I continue to grow Cositas Contreras, my vision for my business continues to expand. I love having Cositas Contreras as part of my identity since I am a one woman show but hoping to push Cositas Contreras out there not just as my business anymore, but a tiendita collective made of all Latina/o owned HANDMADE businesses. I can't wait to have a store front & see my vision come true.

Thank you for being here & thank you for supporting my creative outlet 💗 

Please Note: I am one solo person 🙌🏽 I do all the pouring, sanding, packaging, photos, social media, events, etc MYSELF. I am also a FULL TIME mother & have two little humans to be present for. Please be patient with me with customs. I promise you I am doing my best!